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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Turban in my Kitchen

Having walked by this striking eyesore of a winter vegetable sitting on my kitchen counter for several days now, and unsuccessfully resting it atop my head (maybe I got the wrong size?), I decided to cook the turban squash. Not really knowing what to expect from this mystery item, I decided to make it into a souffle, a dish that I think highlights the essence of a food's flavor with only minor adornment.

Breaking into the squash was the hardest part of the entire process. Once split, I roasted it cut-side down to soften the flesh, and then mashed that into a browned butter bechamel base, enriched with egg yolks. I folded in chopped sage, grated parm, and a splash of good balsamic. Just before baking I gently nuzzled in whipped egg whites, put it into a hot oven for 35 minutes or so, and took out a puffed, browned on the outside, molten on the inside vehicle for turban squash goodness. Just don't try to wear it now.

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