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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Extemporaneous Grill

It hit 80 degrees on Sunday. I walked out of work with a handful of kale raabs, knowing that I wanted to grill, but clueless as to what else to eat.

As I roamed the New Seasons aisles, having already grabbed a filet of sablefish, I spotted the avocado pile. Weaving my way through carts loaded with charcoal and watermelons, I snagged a dimpled green orb, tender enough to be eaten tonight (surprisingly, as usually I have to buy avocado rocks and wait a week to eat them).

I didn't want guacamole - I'll be making plenty of that when true summer arrives - but it had to be refreshing and satisfying, summery enough but not obnoxiously so (it was still April, after all). I made a couple of circuits through the produce, uninspired, until I landed on something I usually walk right past - portobello mushrooms. This dish was shaping up to be an odd one, but I trusted my (hungry) gut and picked up a bunch of parsley and a lime.

I cut the mushroom into fat wedges and grilled them until golden brown and tender, but still decidedly toothsome. I tossed in the avocado wedges, piled on the torn parsley leaves, and gave the whole a big dose of good olive oil, fresh lime juice, and plenty of Maldon salt. Odd, perhaps, but so delicious: meaty, creamy, vibrant, and fresh.

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