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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Taste of Florida in the Northwest

Trying to figure out the timing on making this pie was the hardest part. It had to be cooked a couple of times, and then frozen for a specific amount of time, not too long, and then heated, and then cooled again, and only then served. So, it took a few days to get it made more or less properly, around my work schedule.

On Day One I made a graham cracker crust. On Day Two I made the coconut cream: whipping cream and shredded coconut, heated and reduced by about half, then cooled and spread onto the crust. Next came the lime filling: whipped egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, juice from fresh key limes, poured over the coconut cream. That whole insanely rich assemblage was then baked just until set, and refrigerated for a day. On Day Three I whipped the egg whites with sugar and more shredded coconut and dolloped them on top of the pie base. A quick (although ultimately not quick enough - see photo) run under the broiler, and then back into the fridge for a short time.

My oh my. So good. Like sunshine - extremely rich and decadent sunshine - in a slice.

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